OroVerde is a Canadian-Chilean company based outside of Santiago, Chile. OroVerde has put together a pharmacological team that has the expertise and knowledge to construct an extraction, production, testing, stability, and warehousing facility under EU-GMP standards, which is unique to South America.


OroVerde Will produce natural, homeopath and phyto pharma products for the national and international markets.

Social Impact Change

OroVerde works with healthcare professionals, governments, producers, and investors to develop our programs. OroVerde produces phytopharma, cosmetics and natural products.

We are a private sector business with social impact goals. Ultimately, we aim to provide employment opportunities with the company, create wealth for local people through new revenue streams, and new opportunities for end manufacturers and ancillary service providers and businesses.

Working with healthcare professionals, we have set up research programs to evaluate the efficacy of psychotropics. This included prescribing it to patients and tracking short and long-term impacts. We are leading lecturers about the physiological effects of the plant and have traveled to various parts of the world to study and lecture in this evolving industry.

Our Team

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OroVerde’s management team has over 75 years of experience in services we provide . Our executive and management team is made up of medical professionals with experience in quality assurance, business, and operations. We are supported by experts in agritech, agrifood, processing, marketing, finance, and economic development.


  • Stability Testing
  • Warehousing
  • Extractions
  • Product Testing
  • Product Manufacturing